How do I use a cardboard separator to transport goods safely ?

Transporting goods is a delicate operation that requires special care to ensure the integrity of the products. Among the essential elements for successful transport, cardboard separators play a crucial role in ensuring the protection and stability of goods during transit.

What is a cardboard divider?

A cardboard dividers is a sheet of corrugated cardboard designed to separate and protect goods during transport. Its main function is to prevent products from bumping into each other, rubbing against each other or being damaged during transit.

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Advantages of cardboard dividers

The use of cardboard separators offers a number of advantages when transporting goods.

Greater product protection

Cardboard dividers create a physical barrier between products, preventing bumps, scratches and damage during transport.

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Stabilising goods

By preventing products from moving freely within the packaging, cardboard dividers help to keep loads stable and reduce the risk of them falling or spilling.

Optimising space

Cardboard dividers can be used to compartmentalise packaging and optimise the use of available space, resulting in better organisation and less wasted space.

Improved presentation

Customised cardboard dividers can enhance the visual appearance of the packaging and contribute to the brand image of the product being transported.

Economical and ecological solution

Cardboard dividers are an economical and environmentally-friendly solution for transporting goods. They are made from recyclable and biodegradable materials, which helps to reduce the environmental impact of transport.

How do I choose the right cardboard divider?

Choosing the right cardboard separator depends on a number of factors, including

  • the nature of the products being transported: the shape, size and fragility of the products will influence the type of separator required;
  • the weight of the load: the total weight of the load must be taken into account when choosing a sufficiently robust separator;
  • mode of transport: the type of transport (lorry, plane, train, etc.) can influence the choice of separator material and design;
  • the dimensions of the packaging: separators must be adapted to the dimensions of the packaging for optimum protection.

Take these factors into account to make the right choice.

Tips for using cardboard dividers

To make the most of cardboard dividers and ensure optimum protection for your goods, it's essential to follow a few key recommendations. Firstly, make sure you choose the right type of divider for the type of goods being transported and the shipping method chosen. Next, adjust the size of the dividers precisely to the dimensions of your packaging, cutting or folding them if necessary to ensure a perfect fit.

And don't forget to fill any remaining empty spaces with bubble wrap, air cushions or other suitable cushioning materials. This step prevents any unwanted movement of the products during transit. 

Finally, once the dividers and cushioning have been correctly positioned, carefully close the packaging and seal it properly to prevent any unwanted movement of the contents during transit. 

By carefully following these practical tips, you can maximise the effectiveness of cardboard dividers and ensure maximum protection for your valuable goods.


Carton dividers are an essential tool for the safe transport of goods. By choosing the right type of separator and using it correctly, you can protect your products from damage and ensure safe transport.